25 Pallet Desk Ideas

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So many people are looking for creative ways to furnish their homes these days, and one of the most popular trends is using pallets to create unique pieces of furniture. A pallet desk is a great way to add some extra surface area to your home without spending a lot of money, and it can be customized to fit your specific needs. If you’re looking for some pallet desk ideas, here are a few to consider.

25 Different Pallet Desk Ideas to Inspire You

1. Simple Work Table 

simple work table
Photo by 1001pallets

It’s difficult to go wrong with a basic work table. You can use it for general office work, crafting, or as a catch-all surface in your home. This no-nonsense pallet desk from 1001pallets is easy to put together and provides plenty of space to work on.

2. Pallet Desk with Storage

pallet desk with storage
Photo by ikeahackers

For those who have a lot of office supplies, this pallet desk with storage is an ideal choice. Not only does it provide blank space for you to work on, but also provides a place to store all your odds and ends. You can make sure that everything has a designated spot in this clever setup from ikeahackers.

3. Folding Pallet Desk 

This wall-mounted desk may have a limited workspace, but it’s perfect for small rooms, dorms, and apartments. When you’re not using it, simply fold it up against the wall out of the way. ThistleWoodFarms created this desk using only a wooden pallet, some plywood with a hinge, and cables.

4. Artsy Pallet Desk

To many, it may look like someone took a big bite out of the corner of this pallet desk. The circular cut creates a unique design and also provides space for your chair and you to slide in. In EasyPalletIdeas‘ design, it’s placed in the corner for support as it only has two legs but for customization, you can try adding another for it to stand on its own. 

5. Wide Pallet Desk 

wide pallet desk
Photo by FringeFocus

The idea is as the name says. Simply wider or more rectangular instead of smaller or more square. This piece is perfect for those who need a lot of space to work on and are not too concerned with having extra storage. As you can see, FringeFocus is using the table to place their computer and monitors, and other peripherals on. 

6. Pallet Farm Table Desk 

Similar to the wide desk concept, this design differentiates itself by being made from reclaimed wood giving it a rustic farmhouse look. You could also use this as a regular dining table too since there’s enough space for people to sit around it. Get the tutorial over at FunkyJunkInteriors.

7. 8 Foot Long Pallet Desk 

8 foot long pallet desk
Photo by LehmanLane

The longest desk so far on this list, this 8-foot pallet table is perfect for a busy office and great for those who need a lot of space to work. Enough room is left between each section so you can place your monitor and other computer components all the while still having space left over. LehmanLane shows us how they did it step by step.

8. Pallet Desk for Kids 

pallet desk for kids
Photo by 1001pallets

A bit on the smaller side which is perfect for kids, this pallet desk has a lot of original character. The simple surface is perfect for kids as they can get messy and might even choose to get creative on it. 1001pallets shows us how they made it and I must say, it looks very sturdy. 

9. The 15$ Pallet Desk 

Perfect for extreme savers and those on a tight budget, this pallet desk is so simple that you could have a go at making it yourself by just following the instructions in the video over at Frugality DIY. The best thing is it even has under space for storage. 

10. Pallet Desk with Bookshelf 

pallet desk with bookshelf
Photo by Palletlist

What could be more useful than combining a desk and bookshelf into one sturdy pallet furniture piece? This is definitely among the most useful ideas on this list. Not only can you store books, but also place your computer or other gadgets on top of it to get some work done. Check out how Palletlist did theirs. 

11. Dark Stained Pallet Desk 

dark stained pallet desk
Photo by Instructables

The end result of this pallet desk is absolutely gorgeous. The dark wood stain gives it a look of sophistication and could definitely be the centerpiece in any room. If you have the time to sand each pallet down, I suggest giving this a go as it’s totally worth it. Instructables walks us through the process here.

12. Pallet Computer Desk 

pallet computer desk
Photo by Instructables

One of the most useful designs, this pallet desk is placed against the wall and has a lot of storage compartments for you to place your computer components. Perfect for those who want to declutter their desktop and want an organized look. You can get more information about it over at Instructables.

13. Wall Anchored Pallet Desk 

wall-anchored pallet desk
Photo by Instructables

As the name suggests, this desk is anchored to the wall which gives it support and stability. This particular design has some compartments for you to place your belongings in and the design features a sheet of glass on top. You could definitely use this as an all-in-one office space. Get the tutorial over at Instructables.

14. L-Shaped Pallet Desk 

l-shaped pallet desk
Photo by 1001pallets

It may seem a bit peculiar but an L-shaped desk is actually perfect for small spaces as it fits perfectly into the corner. You could find more information about it over at 1001pallets.

15. Pallet Desk with Hidden Storage 

Innovation galore with this one as it features a section that can be pulled out to reveal some hidden storage. This is perfect for those who want an organized look and need some extra space to store their belongings. If this seems like what you’ve been looking for then head over to the channel Make It.

16. Pallet Desk with Drawers 

pallet desk with drawers
Photo by Instructables

The concept is simple enough, if you like an all-wood pallet desk, then why not make it with drawers? This gives you the option to store your belongings neatly. Take a look at how it was done over at Instructables

17. Craft Desk 

The end result is very pretty and artsy. This desk is perfect for a craft room with plenty of space to get your creative juices flowing. The instructions are available over at OverthinkingDesign, so head on over if this is the kind of desk that fits what you’re looking for.

18. Standing Pallet Desk 

The slimmest desk on this list, the standing pallet desk is perfect for those who want to switch it up by working in a standing position. Check out how it was done over at DwellinginHappiness.

19. Wooden Desk Top 

Pallets were only used for the desktop of this project, giving it a more refined look. The wood has been polished to make it shine and gives off a very classy vibe. You can check out how you could do it over PrettyPurpleDoor.

20. Simple Computer Desk 

As the name implies, this pallet desk was made to fit a computer with space left over for cables and whatnot. One of the simplest designs on this list, it can be done in just one day. You could find more information about how to do it right here at RemoveandReplace

21. Sleek Pallet Desk 

My favorite design on this list, the sleek pallet desk is perfect if you’re looking for something that would stand out in any room. The angled legs are very unique with space to place items in between and shelves on the other. See how to do it over at Free Wood’s video.

22. Wooden Pallet And Sawhorse Desk 

The tripod legs of this desk are made from sawhorses which gives it a very rustic look. You could use this desk for anything from studying to working on your laptop. More information about how it was done can be found over at SimpleStylings.

23. Pallet Furniture Desk 

pallet furniture desk
Photo by Instructables

This one goes over and beyond the call of duty as it is not only a desk but has sturdy compartments for extra storage right on top of the desk. Further details can be found over on Instructables

24. Pallet Desk with Cabinet 

pallet desk with cabinet
Photo by Instructables

There is so much storage space with this desk as it features a cabinet on the side. Perfect for those who want to declutter their desktop and have an organized look. The legs are also a fantastic highlight with special cutouts. You could find more information about how it was done over at Instructables.

25: Desk Using Old Wooden Pallet 

desk using old wooden pallet
Photo by Cosymore

A most innovative way to utilize a single pallet, this desk was made by attaching an old wooden pallet to the wall. It’s a great space-saving solution for small apartments. You could find more information about it over at Cosymore.


There are many different ways to create a pallet desk, depending on your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer simple designs or something more creative, there is sure to be a design that suits you. So why not consider making your own custom pallet desk today?

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