25 Outdoor Pallet Bar Ideas

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Do you have an upcoming party or event that you want to spruce up? If so, then consider creating a makeshift bar using pallets! It’s a great way to add some extra flair and personality to your party without spending a lot of money. Here’s a list of Outdoor Pallet Bar Ideas.

Not sure how to get started? Here are some outdoor pallet bar ideas to help you out:

25 Different Outdoor Pallet Ideas to Inspire You

1. Classic Pallet Bar

Classic Pallet Bar
Photo by Diy Joy

It’s difficult to go wrong with a classic pallet bar. Its authentic look is perfect for those who are just looking to just get purpose done and the classic style itself is everlasting. 

Simple and clean, perfect for those who like the minimalistic approach. You can choose to keep its wooden pallets or opt to change and paint it white. The concrete pavers on top serve their purpose well and many enjoy the humble approach. 

Check out this standard design on DIY Joy to get a building or get an example of this classic design. 

2. DIY Pallet Outdoor Bar 

This next one is very similar to the classic outdoor pallet bar design but with a few modifications. The main change is, of course, the addition of wheels.

This gives it a more mobile, easily transportable, and very easy to set up on any surface. This particular design can be used for a variety of different purposes – from a party or an event, to simply moving your bar from one part of your backyard to another.

This also makes it perfect for any homeowner who likes changing their backyard as the seasons change. Check out this design on Sutton Place to get a building or get an example of this modification on a classic design. 

3. Pallet Bar from Rust-Oleum 

Pallet Bar from Rust-Oleum 
Photo by Rust-Oleum

The design from Rust-Oleum is slightly more creative and is definitely more of a stylish pallet bar. It features a focus on preparation and protecting the wood and making sure that it can last longer.

Even the iconic bar top with concrete pavers has been swapped out for a single larger piece of wood which can be more stable and serve its purpose as a flat surface for drinks and food.

This particular design can be found on Rust-Oleum and it’s definitely worth taking a look at. 

4. Large Outdoor Bar 

Large Outdoor Bar
Photo by Instructables

As the name implies, this design is definitely on the larger side. Perfect for those who really want to make a statement or those who like to entertain often. This design features 3 wooden pallets, all facing inwards and joined together.

The bar top has been created from tiles and it’s a great way to utilize any leftover materials you may have from previous jobs laying around. It even has a shelf on the inside to store equipment, ingredients, or bottles that will be handy. 

Head over to Instructables to check out this well-designed expansion model to the Pallet Bar. 

5. Black-Painted Backyard Pallet Bar 

Black-Painted Backyard Pallet Bar 
Photo by Bored Panda

This project is not just a black pallet bar in your backyard. This design is complete with a roof, long wooden bar, walls, and even multiple shelves. It almost looks like it belongs to a restaurant or café. This goes to show that you can style and design your pallet bar however you want!

This particular design has been painted black, as the name suggests, but you could definitely choose any color you want and add all the seats, wooden flooring, and décor. 

Check out this design on Bored Panda to get a building or get an example of this well-styled pallet bar for the overachievers. 

6. Wall-Mounted Outdoor Pallet Bar

Wall-Mounted Outdoor Pallet Bar
Photo by Manomano

A wall-mounted pallet bar is definitely much different and more of a practical design for your limited outdoor space. This design is perfect for small patios, backyards, or even alleyways.

Instead of having to build it and transport it, this pallet bar screws into the wall and is a bit more difficult to create. But, it’s perfect for those who want to save on space and still have all the functionality of a regular pallet bar.

If this catches your eye, head over to Manomano’s blog page and check it out. 

7. The Rook’s Tavern Pallet Bar 

The Rook’s Tavern Pallet Bar
Photo by 1001 Pallets

This design from 1001pallets is a more rustic, country-style pallet bar. It features an old-timey, weathered design that looks like it’s been in the family for generations. 

This particular design has 6 upcycled wood pallets all joined together to create a larger structure and even features shelves on the inside. The bar top is made from sturdy wood and had a coating of polyurethane just for good measure. 

Go over to 1001pallets to check out this design and get the building. 

8. Pallet Patio Bar with Concrete Top 

Pallet Patio Bar with Concrete Top 
Photo by Instructables

Going back to a more classic and simpler design, this patio bar shares many resemblances with the classic and is perfect for any outdoor patio. This particular design features a concrete top which can really make your backyard slightly stand out from the rest.

The base is made completely out of pallets and is a great way to use up any leftover wood you might have from other projects. 

Another one from Instructables so heads over there to take a look at how it would do with a solid firm bar top. 

9. Pallet Bar with Rustic Cooler 

Pallet Bar with Rustic Cooler 
Photo by Ideas2live4

Now, this is what we call rustic with modern innovation. This design features a rustic feel with a modern cooler. Absolutely great for all your drinks, food, or whatever else you want to store inside.

The whole thing is made completely out of pallets, which is pretty impressive in itself. Might not be the most simple design, but it’s definitely clever. The top can be opened via flap so you can easily access whatever you’re looking for. 

Check out Diy projects by Ideas2live4 design if this one sparked your interest.

10. Portable Folding Pallet Bar

This will require a bit of crafty skill to create, but it’s definitely a great option if you’re looking for something that can be easily transported and stored away. 

Instead of having to lug around heavy bar equipment or store it away, this design is made so you can fold it up in the middle and move it wherever you need. 

So if you’re someone who has parties at multiple different locations, then this design from MyRepurposedLifeDefinitely is the design for you. 

11. Pallet Bar with Stools 

 Pallet Bar with Stools 
Photo by Stacked Design

There’s not much to say about this design, it’s pretty self-explanatory. This is a great option for those who want the functionality of having a bar, but don’t necessarily need all the extras that come with it. 

You can easily add or take away stools to accommodate your needs and you’re good to go! 

If you like this design and are looking to get building, then go ahead and check out StackedDesign’s blog page. 

12. DIY Tiled Bar 

DIY Tiled Bar
Photo by Shanty-2-Chic

As the name suggests, this design features a long time as the bar top which makes it a great option if you’re looking for something with a bit more personality. 

This particular design also has stools that can be easily removed or added as needed. The whole thing is made completely out of pallets and even shows space for storage. 

Take a look over at shanty-2-Chic to see how you can recreate this design. 

13. Hawaiian Tiki Bar 

To really bring the party to your backyard, you’re going to need a Hawaiian Tiki bar, and what better way to make one than out of pallets? 

This design from ThePurplePumpkinBlog is perfect for summer BBQs or just a fun night in with friends. It takes inspiration from the Tiki Mask and the straw overhead. 

Go to their blog to find out how you can make this fun and festive bar for your next party.

14. Pallet Wood Rolling Bar 

Pallet Wood Rolling Bar 
Photo by 101 Pallets

This design is great for those who are looking for a rolling bar. This makes it extremely easy to move around and even features vast storage options on the inside. 

The bar top is wooden with a cut-out for accessibility and is made completely out of pallets. You could even add some personal touches to make this bar really stand out as is the shiny coating. 

Check out the design from 1001pallets for inspiration on how you can make this great rolling bar. 

15. Beach Bar From Discarded Pallets 

Beach Bar From Discarded Pallets 
Photo by Survive France

With a much more elaborate design, this bar is perfect for those who want to really go all out and transform their yard into a tropical paradise. 

The bar takes inspiration from a beach shack goes all out on features and even has space for walking on the inside. 

If you’re looking to get building on this design, then head over to SurviveFrance to find out how you can make your own. 

16. Simple Outdoor Pallet Bar 

Simple Outdoor Pallet Bar 
Photo by Hometalk

A bit more on the slimmer side, this design is great for those who are looking to add a bar to their yard without having to do too much. 

The whole thing is made out of pallets and even has a piece of plywood across the top to support the pavers.

Take a look at Hometalk for pictures of this simple outdoor bar and how you can recreate it for your backyard. 

17. DIY Pallet Tiki Bar 

DIY Pallet Tiki Bar 
Photo by The House House

To make a fully functional Treekee bar (as mentioned in the post, you’re going to need a lot of materials and skills. 

This is definitely not a beginner project, but if you’re feeling confident then go ahead and give it a shot! 

Take a look at Thehousehouse to find out how you can make this great fully loaded Tiki bar. 

18. Outdoor Pallet Bar with Roof 

Another fairly big project, this design features a bar with a metal shed-like roof which makes it perfect for any backyard. 

The white bar top with black pallets makes for a great contrast.

You can find out more about this design in detail over at EasyPalletIdeas. 

19. Under $20 DIY Patio Bar

Under $20 DIY Patio Bar
Photo by A Worthy Read

Despite looking so chic with its black and white theme, this pallet bar is pretty budget-friendly and simple enough to replicate. 

Take a look at AWortheyRead’s page to find out how you can make your own patio bar for under $20. 

20. Built-In Pallet Bar For Your Deck

Built-In Pallet Bar For Your Deck
Photo by Ambert Tysl

To really get the party started, this design features a built-in bar on your deck which makes it great for BBQs and parties. 

The whole thing is made out of pallets and even has shelves to add beverages or condiments. 

Take a look at Ambertysl for more information on this design.

21. Pallet Beach Bar

To complete the perfect beach feel in your backyard, this design features a beach bar made completely out of pallets. 

If you’re looking to make this bar, then take a look at this video from MyATCtv DIY to get started.

22. Pallet Wood Bar

One of the most simple yet elegant designs, this pallet wood bar is perfect for those who are looking to add a touch of wooden charm to their home. 

Take a look at Joe Foale-Grove’s video to see how he did it. 

23. Rustic Cantina Pallet Bar 

Rustic Cantina Pallet Bar 
Photo by 1001 Pallets

Complete with a mini overhead roof, this rustic cantina-style bar is perfect for those who are looking to add a bit of Mexican flair to their backyard.

If you’re looking to build this design, then head over to 1001pallets for more details. 

24. Garden Bar Made From Pallets

As a more casual bar, this garden bar features a smaller counter space with a few stools around the side. 

The whole thing is made out of pallets so go take a look at Liv Vlogs’ video to see how it was done. 

25. Rustic DIY Pallet Bar 

Rustic DIY Pallet Bar 
Photo by DIY Joy

Last but not least is this rustic design which features a few shelves for your fancy. 

Then, it’s topped off with some pallet planks for a smooth finish. 

If you want to see how the whole thing was made then take a look at Diyjoy’s page for a full-depth guide.


If you’re looking for some outdoor pallet bar ideas then hopefully this list has given you some inspiration! 

There are plenty of ways that you can incorporate a pallet bar into your backyard and with a bit of creativity, the sky’s the limit. 

So what are you waiting for? Get building!

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