Dremel Ultra Saw VS Saw Max

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Are you more of a DIY kind of person who just got started with your own tool arsenal? Or maybe you already have everything you need, but you’re just missing that one circular saw. Figuring out which saw is the right fit for you takes a lot of thought and consideration. We’ve narrowed down the contestants to two of the most powerful and versatile handheld power saws.

The Dremel Ultra-Saw and Dremel Saw-Max. The Dremel saw’s are known for their ability to cut through most materials with their powerful motor, good features, and precision cutting qualities. We’re doing what we do best and that’s providing you a full run-down of what works better and why. To be frank, we prefer the Dremel Ultra-Max because of its ability for prepping surfaces.

The term itself does sound pretty technical but fret not. We have the definition for you. Prepping surfaces means the removal of rust, corrosion, and other unwanted substance or coating that is on the surface of the material to be used. Keeping that in mind, we still want you to be able to gather as much information as you can before making your purchase. After all, investing in tools comes with its price points.

Dremel Ultra-Saw vs Dremel Saw Max

ProductDremel Ultra-SawDremel Saw-Max
Quality8 out of 108 out of 10
Blade Size4-inch blade diameter3-inch blade diameter
Motor PowerBattery-powered 120 volts120 volts
Cutting Depth and SpeedCutting depth of ¾ inch and speed of 13,000 rpmCutting depth of ¾ inch and speed of 17,000 rpm
Ease of handling2.1lbs1.7lbs
ApplicationsCutting and Surface preparationCutting only

What are Dremel Ultra-Saw and Dremel Saw-Max

The Dremel ultra-saw is a versatile, easy, and reliable hand-held power tool. The ultra-saw can be used for plunge cutting and surface prepping or cleaning. The Dremel Ultra-Saw has similar features and uses as the Dremel Saw-Max but has a few differences.

The Dremel Saw-Max has a compact design which makes it great for all-day use without straining your hands or arms. Aside from its straight-cutting qualities, this saw can also be used for plunge cutting and flush cutting.

The parameters on what to look for in a circular saw would be dependent on the person buying the item, but the main factors that should be considered are the quality, size of the blade, motor power, cutting depth and speed, and how easy it is to handle the tool and the application of the tool.

We’ve used those parameters to guide you in making the purchasing decision and making sure that you get the best value for your money.


Both saws have similar attributes and purposes but they do have some noticeable differences. 

The Ultra-Saw comes with a metal body, which makes it heavy, but is durable when using it on a variety of materials. The Saw-Max, on the other hand, has a plastic body. This means that it is not as durable and not as efficient when cutting through materials. However, it does mean that the weight is lighter compared to the Ultra-Saw.

Another factor we want to consider is the wheel guard of the Saw-Max is made out of plastic. Whereas, the Ultra-Saw wheel guard is made out of metal. There have been some complaints that the plastic wheel guard burns or melts off due to the heat being produced while cutting.

In our professional opinion, we think when it comes to quality the Ultra-Saw takes the win. Its durability quality is what we look for when investing in a power tool that should last us for some time.

Blade size

The Saw-Max has a 3-inch blade diameter and the Ultra-Saw has a 4-inch blade diameter. One does have a bigger blade size than the other, but both of these tools have carbide wood cutting, metal cutting, and carbide wood-flushing wheels. Both of these power tools come with replaceable blades and don’t need to be sharpened. All you have to do is replace the blades once they have been used up.

We think that the Saw-Max gets the point for this one. Although the Ultra-Saw has a bigger blade diameter, a smaller blade wouldn’t make much of a difference. Both of the saws have the exact same purposes, so a smaller blade would do the cutting job just as well as the Ultra-Saw.

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Motor Power

Compared to the Saw-Max motor at 6.0 amps, the motor of the Ultra-Saw is more powerful, 7.5 amps. The more powerful motor power of the Ultra-Saw means that it can be used for frequent cutting tasks. Whereas, the Saw-Max may be more suitable for light cutting and smaller projects.

Although there are some users and customers who use the Saw-Max for “not-so-light” cutting or projects, we think the Ultra-Max takes the point in this round. With its powerful motor your cutting tasks would be completed at a faster time, with precision, and efficiency.

Cutting depth and speed

Both of these power tools can cut a maximum depth of ¾ inches. However, the cutting speed of the Ultra-Saw is slower than the Saw-Max. The Ultra-Saw can cut speeds of 13,000 rpm and the Saw-Max of 17,000 rpm. 

The Ultra-Saw is best suited for materials that are thinner as high-speed cutting could damage the product. The Saw-Max high-speed cutting is suited for cutting materials that are thicker as the material you are cutting will not get damaged.

It’s difficult to say which saw takes the point for cutting depth and speed. Is higher cutting speed better? Well, that would depend on the material you are cutting and not to mention the amperage. We think both of the tools deserve a point each. They’re both used for different materials, and it comes down to what kind of projects you want to use them for.

Ease of handling

The Ultra-Saw weighs 2.1 pounds and the Saw-Max at 1.7 pounds. The Ultra-Saw weighs a little heavier than the Saw-Max due to its metallic body. Either way, both of the power tools weigh less than 7 pounds, which makes them versatile, easy to handle, and portable. 

One factor about both of the power tools is, that the Saw-Max is battery operated and the Ultra-Saw is corded. A battery-operated circular saw is beneficial as it makes it easy to just carry around, but the downside is that once the battery runs out, make sure to have some extra batteries on hand. 

The Ultra-Saw is corded so no battery changes are needed. This makes it the perfect tool for use at home or in a garage. The downside of the saw being corded is that it can be a hindrance and is not the best option for carrying it around everywhere.

The Saw-Max gets the point on this one. Its lighter and slim design makes it convenient for smaller hands and one-handed use. The smaller design of the Saw-Max is better for users who have consistent small projects and for daily use.


Regardless of the type of project, you’re working on, it’s always a safe bet to have a circular saw on hand. Circular saws that are versatile and can be used for a wide range of materials come in handy when you least expect it.

Both of these have the same attributes in this category. The only difference between the two is the Ultra-Saw can be used for surface prepping, while the Saw-Max can be used for straight, flush, and plunge cutting.

Something else to consider when looking for a circular saw is the accessories. If you plan on traveling with your saw, find out if the tool kit comes with storage or a carry-case. Luckily for you, both of these tools come with a hand carry case.

Safe to say, both of the tools take the win with this one.

Dremel Ultra-Saw or Dremel Saw-Max

The Dremel Saw-Max is for users who want a tool that can be hand-held and portable. This is the power tool that is a great fit for the ability to create straight edges, straight cuts, and simple cutting projects. If this is the kind of circular saw you’re looking for, then the Saw-Max is the one for you.

The Dremel Ultra-Saw is suited for people who need a tool that can plunge cut and surface clean and prep materials. This versatile, easy, and reliable handheld power tool is capable of rip cutting, flush and plunge cutting, and prepping surfaces. This durable power tool can cut and prep a wide range of materials. These materials can be wood, plastic, metal, tile, and masonry.

Overall, the Dremel Ultra-Saw comes out as the winner. The Ultra-Saw has the same qualities as the Saw-Max with just a few adjustments here and there. It has the capability to be used on different materials, the variety of blades that can be used for different situations, and the metal wheel guard would make it less of a hazard to users, like you.

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