The Woodwork Zone is a website for people who want to know about woodworking. It has been designed with the first-time woodworker in mind, but anyone can find something that they didn’t know before. The site covers everything from what type of tools you will need to how to sand your project and finish it. There are also articles on specific types of projects like furniture, bowls, or boxes.

Lawrence D. Reynolds

Owner and Author of The Woodwork Zone

Lawrence D. Reynolds, an experienced carpenter, and woodworker started the site to help others get into this craft by providing advice on choosing tools and materials and finding a workspace. The Woodwork Zone also provides tutorials that teach beginner-friendly skills like making boxes or building furniture with essential power tools. It’s not about what you do – it’s all about how you do it!

For inquiries, please contact us at info[at]thewoodworkzone.com



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